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Serious fitness that is seriously fun.  RAW offers personalized training sessions for individuals and groups.  Enjoy exciting and varied routines in a comfortable private setting. RAW training takes you or your group outside the gym to focus on natural movements, core strength, agility, and athleticism.


EXTENSION! In over 20 years of experience training athletes, children, disabled, elderly, Tanner continues to see the same problem arise. We are a society that is completely and totally habitual in our methods. Overflexed and completely unbalanced. Tanner teaches you how to use EXTENSION in your strength training routine to achieve correct balance and avoid chronic pain and injury. So many avid exercisers think that they are healthy, but are far from it. If you are currently strength training and have pain, you are strength training incorrectly. Correct strength training with precise form is the key to living a pain free lifestyle. Tanner will teach you to train smarter not harder. Strengthening your body correctly will allow you to be versatile and able to do anything. Not only will Tanner help you get stronger physically, but help you get stronger mentally as well. Educating you how to CORRECTLY strength train for life!


Whether you are training for a sporting event, getting back into shape after a fitness lapse, or just looking for a fun and positive outlet, RAW and Tanner offer a unique approach to fitness for everyone.


These training sessions make you stronger, confident, and are designed to make you smile as well.  Making fitness fun!

Train individually, with a friend, or with a group.


Individual and Partner Training:
Throughout Tanner’s training career, he has found that FUNCTIONAL training is best for an overall state of wellness. Functional training is activating the entire body throughout the course of the workout causing muscle confusion which will allow the body to burn more calories while building strength and gaining flexibility. Functional training involves every day motions to better help you handle life movements while perfecting your form. Creating good habits and eliminating bad! Because we involve the entire body, we don’t stress a certain body part. This type of training is one that you can participate in each and every day eliminating the risk of repetitive motion injuries or stress.


Group Training:
Tanner has taught stationary cycling(spin) for over 10 years. Like many cardio and endorphin junkies, Tanner loves the release and uplifting feeling of finishing a 45 minute to 1 hour spin session. Throughout his years of teaching, he has realized that bicycles can cause repetitive motion injuries (causing us to be over flexed). His Fusion class is a combination of cycling and strength training to give you a safer cardiovascular workout. The sessions start with 10 minutes of systematic interval strength training exercises. This order of exercise protects the muscular system by activating (waking up the muscle) before engaging in the repetitive movement which is cardiovascular exercise. We then move to the bikes for 20 minutes.  In that 20 minutes, 4 of those are spent on a Krank cycle, which is a bicycle for the upper body, this will allow you to burn the maximum calories and build at the same time by resting the legs and engaging your core and upper body while keeping your max heart rate elevated. We return back for another 10 minutes of strength training interval exercises. Then another 20 minutes of spin and Krank cycles. The workout is wrapped up with 10 minutes of Yoga cool down to leave you feeling refreshed and energized. This 70 minute workout leaves you feeling empowered and exhilarated!
It is limited to a class size of 4 participants and is a great way to connect with your family or friends.


Boot Camp:
A fun and fresh perspective on training that gets you outside on the turf in the heart of downtown Bismarck. A number of functional exercises combined with agility, speed, flexibility, and FUN! Take a break from your normal routine and come enjoy a high energy, exciting, and fantastic hour of kick-ass exercise. Every class session finishes with a game of kick ball, dodgeball, ultimate football, soccer, or other various group competitions. This class is geared for anyone of any age or any body type. There is no long distance running. You get out of the class, what you put into it and It is as hard as you make it. So don’t be intimidated! Step outside of your comfort zone and FREE YOURSELF!
Class size is limited to 16 participants. Even with a class size of 16, you will still receive one-on-one attention from Tanner.


Sport Specific:
If you are looking to enhance and develop your sporting skills, Tanner is the trainer to help you get there. Tanner will tailor your training sessions to help you achieve maximum strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and performance. A huge role in sports training is mental strength. Tanner will coach you, your son, or daughter on how to be the absolute best athlete on and off the field. In Tanner’s opinion, 90% of sport is mental. As a collegiate and professional athlete, and coach Tanner has gained the experience needed to properly train and develop exceptional athletes.

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