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Our modern lives are hectic. Finding the focus and balance to live gracefully and mindfully can be a challenge.  Motivation, coaching, and mentoring are a must for everyone of all ages and walks of life!

Tanner Schweitzer offers customized life coaching and encouragement that is a unique blend of mind, body and soul.  Just like Tanner’s popular physical training courses, the life coaching focuses on the mental, spiritual, as well as the physical.

The coaching is tailored to fit your lifestyle and your schedule and can be a mix of one-on-one consulting, periodic check-ins, and/or guided exercises/practices.  Whether you’re a busy business professional, a busy stay at home mom/dad, a student, or retiree, there is a plan for you.

Youth Development! It is never too early to get your son or daughter started with Tanner. How often do you tell yourself, I wish I knew then what I know now? The value of a coach is insurmountable. Tanner will teach your kids the importance of self respect, compassion, work ethic, accountability, humility, and being a great team player. Being Coachable! This instruction will pay dividends in their adult lives.

Participants will experience a sharpened mental acumen, a more positive self image, and a renewed sense of being.  The world is yours for the taking – now go after it!


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