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Welcome to RAW! Recreation. Athletic. Wellness. My name is Tanner Schweitzer, since my youth I have been involved with numerous recreational and athletic activities along with coaching and studying athletes. These experiences have helped shape who I am and what I now do in helping others. More recently I have become involved in wellness; studying human behavior through recreation and athletics. As a athletic competitor and coach at a collegiate and professional level, I have experienced many triumphs as well as defeats. My triumphs and defeats have not been limited to my athletic life. I have endured personal life struggles as well as great success as a friend, son, brother, husband and father. These experiences have helped me grow and better understand how to obtain success. Allowing me to share my life experiences as well as athletic experience to anyone asking for help. I would love the opportunity to be your coach!




FREE YOURSELF! I see people fighting a constant battle and exhausting themselves, beating their heads against a wall over and over. Communication and listening are key to lowering your guard and being more open to outside help. I want to create a healthy sense of pride and erase the foolish pride that consumes individuals and groups. Being a life long learner, this is what I was taught in receiving my teaching/coaching degree. Let’s get up, get going, LEARN TO LISTEN, grab each others hands‚Ķ. and RUN! Be OPEN, HUMBLE, STRONG, COMPASSIONATE‚Ķ. be CHAMPIONS!



Tanner is the founder and operator of the North Dakota’s longest running 5k obstacle mud run. Medieval Rush!

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